• Vini Ioppa

    Vini Ioppa

    Since the Origins in 1852...

  • ...till the 7th Generation

  • Rolling Vineyards

  • Tradition and Innovation

    Tradition and Innovation

    in the Ancient Art of Winemaking

  • Towards the Bicentennial

    Towards the Bicentennial

    1852-2052: New Challenges Ahead

Ioppa Winery is headquartered in Romagnano Sesia, a traditional wine-producing town in the foothills of the Italian Alps, Northeastern Piedmont Region.  The Winery is nestled on a hilltop outside of town with a stunning view of rolling vineyards, the Sesia River valley and Monte Rosa, the second highest Alpine peak in Europe.

A variety of wines is produced in the hilly area between the towns of Romagnano Sesia and Ghemme, including Ghemme Wine DOCG (Controlled designation of origin guaranteed) and Colline Novaresi wines DOC (Controlled designation of origin).


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